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Hotel MIFARE Card Lock

E3190 MIFARE Card Lock

As our E3190 hotel MIFARE card lock is created with high quality stainless steel material, it offers good durability, moisture resistance and fire retardant performance. In addition, the adoption of golden PVD coating makes the lock more aesthetically pleasing, corrosion resistant and easier to clean.

Hotel MIFARE Card Lock

F3220 MIFARE Card Lock

Our F3220 hotel MIFARE card lock is simple, attractive and durable. Made using zinc alloy material, it is moisture proof, fire retardant and offers high strength, hardness. The lock features satin chrome surface, golden edge with PVD coating that can last more than 10 years.

Hotel MIFARE Card Lock

F3120 MIFARE Card Lock

Our F3120 hotel MIFARE card lock is made of quality zinc alloy material, which offers high moisture resistance, fire resistance and great durability. The adoption of PVD golden coating not only contributes to the smooth, shiny appearance of the lock, but also provides more than 10 years of protection against corrosion.

Hotel MIFARE Card Lock

E3350 MIFARE Card Lock

Our company manufactures our E3350 hotel MIFARE card lock using qualified pure copper material. This helps ensure the moisture resistance and fire retardant performance of our product. In addition, the PVD brass color coating, which lasts more than 10 years, contributes to the corrosion resistance and easy cleaning of our card lock. The keycard used is RFID Temic 5557 card, which is compatible with RF Energy Saver.

Hotel MIFARE Card Lock

E3111S MIFARE Card Lock

Our E3111S hotel MIFARE card lock is made using moisture proof and fire retardant stainless steel material. The PVD golden coating on the lock easily resists corrosion, pollution of all kinds and lasts more than 10 years.

Hotel MIFARE Card Lock

Our hotel MIFARE card lock can quickly identify the approaching card within a short distance, so there is no need for the guests to wait in front of the door. It will give warnings if a wrong door card is used or the door is locked improperly. The lock can work with Temic 5557 card and Mifare 1K or 4K card, which are compatible with RF and Mifare Energy Saver. With a high capacity chip, the door card can open not only suite guest room doors, but also access doors of 16 public areas such as lift, parking lot, swimming pool, sauna room, tennis court, gymnasium, etc. If the guest card is accidentally lost, the lost card suspension can be achieved simply by issuing a new guest card, which helps protect the valuable items in the room.

1. The hotel MIFARE card lock is an ANSI mortise lock that is made using qualified metal material. With good quality and reliability, it is FCC and CE certified.
2. It is designed with an inside deadbolt for safety. The inside handle retracts latches and deadbolt.
3. It is powered by four #5 AA alkaline batteries. With a battery life of 18 months, the hotel card lock can continuously operate for a long time while not replacing batteries. In addition, it will give low battery voltage warning when the voltage is lower than 3.5 V.
4. Our hotel door lock also has self error detection function. If there is any error, it gives warnings though LED light color, blinking times and beep.
5. Override computer key is provided for emergency use. It can be used as individual key and master key.
6. The step by step installation software, personalized locking system and cylinder cover make installation and operation easier. OEM locking system is also available.
7. The system adopts classified access authorization for safety management.
8. The card lock has normally open setting function for meetings and three levels of passage functions.
9. It allows multiple operators with different card issuing authorizations.
10. Receptionist card issuing records as well as 240 or more lock operation records can be printed out.
11. Wireless stand alone lock realizes 95 % of online lock function.
12. The lock can interface with most of the PMS systems and it is Fidelio registered!

As a China hotel MIFARE card lock manufacturer and supplier, we provide various types of products such as hotel keyless lock, hotel RF energy saving switch, hotel IC card lock, and hotel digital safe.

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