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Hotel Card Reader

IC-ECD01 IC Card Reader

Hotel card encoder, IC card reader, key card reader, lock reader, encoder, smart card encoder

RF Card Reader

RF-ECD04 RF Card Reader

Hotel card encoder, RFID card reader, key card reader, lock reader, encoder, RF card encoder

Mifare Card Reader

RF-ECD06 Mifare Card Reader

Hotel card encoder, Mifare card reader, key card reader, lock reader, encoder, Mifare card encoder

Magnetic Card Reader

MG-ECD05 Magnetic Card Reader

Hotel card encoder, magnetic card reader, key card reader, lock reader, encoder, magnetic card encoder

Data Tool

DT-01 Data Tool

The data tool is used to download opening records from lock to PC for tracking lock events.

Hotel Card Encoder, Card Reader

With years of experience in the door lock field, our company is able to provide a wide range of hotel card lock accessories, like hotel card encoder, card reader, data tool, etc. Our hotel card readers can quickly read data from RF card, Mifare card, magnetic card, etc., giving guests access through a locked door. If the guest accidentally lost the card, the hotel managers can timely suspend the lost card and issue a new card to the guest.

As an experienced hotel card encoder, card reader manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also offers hotel RF energy saving switch, hotel digital safe, and much more.

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Smart Card Reader | Hotel Keycard Reading Device | Keycard Records Reader

Other Products
  • Smart CardThe smart card doesn't require built-in power supply and can be conveniently read at a short distance from the door lock. In addition, it is easy to maintain and has a lifecycle of over 100,000 times, which enables hotels to save on cost. As our hotel card is designed with high security in mind, it is virtually impossible to counterfeit ...
  • Energy Saver / Energy Saving SwitchOur hotel power saver is designed to control all power sources in a separate hotel room. It allows the lights or other electrical devices to be used only when the right hotel IC card, Mifare card, Temic card or magnetic card has been inserted. The hotel power saving switch has an intelligent chip inside with auto recognition function, and only the recognized card can start the power switch ...