Smart Card

Temic Mifare RFID Card

Temic /Mifare /RFID Card

Hotel Temic, Mifare card, proximity card, contactless card, key card, smart card, RFID card, RF card

Contact IC Card

Contact IC Card

Hotel IC card, smart card, contact card, key card, chip card, hotel card

Magnetic Card

Magnetic Card

Hotel Magneitc card, stripe card, contact card, key card, smart card, sweep card

Hotel Intelligent Card

DS1990A Intelligent Card

Dallas 1990A card, 1991 card, 1992 card, 1993 card, 1994 card, 1995 card

Hotel Card

We offer a variety of hotel cards for access control management. With a high capacity chip, our card can store a large amount of information. It can open guest room door as well as access doors of lift, swimming pool, gymnasium, etc., realizing all in one card function. The smart card doesn't require built-in power supply and can be conveniently read at a short distance from the door lock. In addition, it is easy to maintain and has a lifecycle of over 100,000 times, which enables hotels to save on cost. As our hotel card is designed with high security in mind, it is virtually impossible to counterfeit. Hence, please feel secure in using it.

Orbita is a specialized hotel card manufacturer in China. We provide a wide array of products, including hotel mini bar, hotel doorbell system, hotel power saver, among others.

Related Names
Chip Card | Intelligent Card for Hotel Door Lock | Integrated Circuit Card

Other Products
  • Energy Saver / Energy Saving SwitchOur hotel power saver is designed to control all power sources in a separate hotel room. It allows the lights or other electrical devices to be used only when the right hotel IC card, Mifare card, Temic card or magnetic card has been inserted. The hotel power saving switch has an intelligent chip inside with auto recognition function, and only the recognized card can start the power switch ...
  • Hotel Doorbell Switch SystemIn addition to having a doorbell function, our hotel doorbell switch system also allows a hotel guest to select a message to be conveyed to hotel staff and others, such as "D.N.D" (do not disturb), "wait", "clean". From this system, hotel managers can well know the status of a hotel room, thus facilitating the management of different privacy needs ...