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Hotel Digital Safe

OBT-2045MB Hotel Digital Safe
Size: 200*450*400 mm

Hotel Code Safe

OBT-2043ME Hotel Code Safe
Size: 195*430*370 mm

Hotel Guest Room Safe Box

OBT-2043MA Hotel Guest Room Safe Box
Size: 195*430*370 mm

Hotel Room Safe

As there are always a large number of people in hotels and attendants need to frequently clean the hotel room, guests should properly store their laptops and other valuables. The hotel room safe, which can effectively protect guest valuables and doesn't cost too much, is increasingly used in hotels. Our company produces a wide range of hotel safe products, like OBT-2045MB hotel digital safe, OBT-2043ME hotel code safe and OBT-2043MA hotel guest room safe box. Made using carefully selected material, our products are high quality and warranted for one year.

1. Our hotel safe comes with an enhanced LED display and gives audio or visual operating signals.
2. There are two sets of password operation: 4-digit guest password, 6-digit master password and override key. In case guests forget the password, hotel managers can help them to take the valuables out of the safe box.
3. Our product has an auto secure mode. If the wrong code is input 3 times, the safe will be blocked for 15 minutes. This helps reduce the possibility of finding the right code by repeatedly entering different code.
4. Our safe features a spring loaded door, an inner carpet, secure pedestal mounting and tamperproof installation hardware. Please fix the holes at bottom and back with screws.
5. Our hotel room safes have an easy access battery panel and emergency battery jump box. Four AA batteries are included, enabling hotels to save on initial battery purchase cost. In addition, the low battery warning function helps ensure timely battery replacement.

Our company is a specialized hotel room safe manufacturer in China. We also offer hotel digital safe, hotel RF energy saving switch, pin type mortise lock, and more.

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