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Our company is a professional hotel card lock manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer hotel bathroom door lock, hotel RFID card lock, hotel MIFARE card lock, hotel card lock, among others.

Main Products
  • Hotel Doorbell SystemHotel room door signage, doorbell system, door bell switch.
    In addition to having a doorbell function, our hotel doorbell switch system also allows a hotel guest to select a message to be conveyed to hotel staff and others, such as "D.N.D" (do not disturb), "wait", "clean". From this system, hotel managers can well know the status of a hotel room, thus facilitating the management of different privacy needs ...
  • Hotel Digital SafeOBT-2045MB Hotel Digital Safe
    Size: 200*450*400 mm
    Our hotel safe comes with an enhanced LED display and gives audio or visual operating signals. There are two sets of password operation: 4-digit guest password, 6-digit master password and override key. In case guests forget the password, hotel managers can help them to take the valuables out of the safe box ...