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We strive to satisfy our customers with not only high quality hotel card lock products, but also considerate services. For instance, we offer a two-year warranty on our hotel card locks and a one-year warranty on hotel room safes. In addition, we include a certain number of free spare parts in the shipment of goods to ensure easy maintenance of our products. Within the warranty period, replacement parts are also available at no charge. Upon request, we can provide product samples, OEM and ODM services.

Our products have self detection function. If there is any error, it gives warnings though LED color, blinking times and beep. In order to make customers better know this, we offer some useful information as follows.

Self Detection
LED Color Times Indication Solution
Yellow 1 Card not issued (blank or wrong card). Reissue the card.
Yellow 2 Wrong room No. or area No. Check the room card.
Yellow 3 Card expired. Renew the card.
Yellow 4 The lock is not authorized. Authorize the lock with Authorization card.
Yellow 5 This card has been suspended. Issue a new card.
Yellow 6 The deadbolt is activated. Guest inside, use master card.
Yellow 7 The lock is blocked. Unblock the lock.
Yellow 8 The card is not issued from this system. Change a card.
Red 3 The battery voltage is low. Change battery.
Red 1/5s The deadbolt is activated. Normal state.

As a professional hotel RF card lock, hotel RFID card lock manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers hotel MIFARE card lock, hotel bathroom door lock, hotel RF energy saving switch, hotel mini bar, and much more.

Main Products
  • E1180S Hotel IC Card LockOur E1180S hotel IC card lock offers great moisture resistance and fire retardant performance due to the use of quality stainless steel material. The PVD golden coating, which can last up to ten years, contributes to the attractive appearance and corrosion resistance of the hotel door lock. Our product is suitable for ANSI standard mortise and is powered by four #5 AA alkaline batteries with a life of 18 months ...
  • Hotel RF Energy Saving SwitchHotel RFID, Mifare, Temic card power saver, RFID, Mifare energy saving switch, hotel power saver, hotel switch, energy saver, card switch
    Our hotel power saver is designed to control all power sources in a separate hotel room. It allows the lights or other electrical devices to be used only when the right hotel IC card, Mifare card, Temic card or magnetic card has been inserted ...